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‘Out of body’ exhibition at la Casa Amarilla Gallery, 2018. Photography: Antonio Ceruelo

Louisa Holecz. Out of Body en la Galería la Casa Amarilla

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Accompanying poem for ‘This woman’s work’ in ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ exhibition, the Paraninfo Building at the University of Saragossa, 2017

I am ovular, a belly stitched, membrane and organ, bosom

Talc-scented crook of neck, cushion, stretched shawl, amnion

I am tension held, rotund, swollen and spread

I am reciprocal, confessional

Puffed-up and ready for collision

I am patient-room-number-five

I am hard work

I am a mistake

Organic solace and protector

I am your mother, your egg-filled daughters and your primal ancestors

Wound and scar

Measurement of time, my seconds are crystallised


[Louisa Holecz 2017]

Photograph by Pipa Álavarez

Accompanying text ‘The Eyes of the Skin’, 2015

Accompanying text ‘The Eyes of the Skin’

Notes on ‘Self-portrait’ from the exhibition ‘I, etcetera’

Text in english

The Summer Exhibition Royal Academy 2013

The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy 2013