While real runs out

LR While real runs out

While real runs out. Mixed media on stretched linen, 195 x 150 cm

Accompanying text for the group exhibition El paseo, intervenir la ciudad at the Galería La Casa Amarilla

For some years now, a morning walk with my dog Cara has become part of my daily routine. We go to a disused plot of land that is so densely populated with rabbits that, in places, their tiny round droppings completely cover the ground. I follow a circumferential path, shaded by trees and covered in a soft carpet-like moss that is very satisfying to walk on. It was along this path that one morning, a couple of months ago I found a large rolled up blanket, pastel coloured and woollen with a silky trimmed border, the kind of blanket in use before the ‘duvet’ became fashionable. My initial thoughts were: seeing as this is an unlikely place for a picnic, was this the scene of stealthy lovemaking? Was there a body underneath the blanket? Was the body alive or dead? I became aware of being alone and began to feel vulnerable. I took a photo with my mobile and carried on walking. I painted this image onto raw linen and gave it the title While real runs out. The upper part of the painting is based on the real image of a blanket in a field and in the lower part is as if the image is being sucked downwards into a void. While real runs out forms part of a body of work that examines traces of human presence in an urban landscape. A blanket, a bundle of clothes, a scarf lost or blown away by the ‘Cierzo’ wind or a worn bedspread, all remnants of fabric that have at one time or another been in contact with human skin, enveloping a physical body, now detritus worn away by time, exposed to the elements, slowly absorbed into the earth, disappearing into the ground that I walk on.

[Louisa Holecz, 2017]